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I have this thing for inspirational art.  I LOVE to be surrounded by encouraging words and sayings like on my staircase gallery wall.  So my office/craft/sewing studio has lots of happy sayings!  Today I'm going to tell you where I got it all.  If you want more details about the craft room then go visit the furniture post and the organizing post!

1. Love Yourself to Love Another

2. The Glass is Half Full

3. Love What You Do

4. Done is Better Than Perfect-Cut out in black cardstock using silhouette.

5. Hedo Point, Okinawa

6. Today do something unexpected

1. Heart Mobile

2. Wooden B from craft store covered with Amy Butler Love

3. Ignore the Rain

4. Japanese Lady-Karen Walzer photography

5. Be filled with Joy

6. Picture of sunset and Humvee in Afghanistan-taken by my husband

7. This is It

1. Lila Tueller-Bloom

2. Anna Maria Horner-Good Folks

3. Amy Butler Midwest Modern

4. Jennifer Paganelli-Flower Power

5. Anna Maria Horner Good Folks

1. Self Portrait oil pastel done by my 3 year old.  Love it!  He is 6 now and says it's super weird and that he has more hair.

2. You are My Sunshine 

1. Tokyo Tower from a family trip to Tokyo

2. You Are My Sunshine

Do you have a favorite Etsy artist?  I am loving Katie Daisy of thewheatfield and have an addiction to her prints.  I have more of them in the entryway!


  1. wow, i love your creative space - so inspiring! of course katie's work is my fav...i also love the quote 'done is better than perfect'. so true! thanks for sharing. xxo

  2. [...] Sewing & Craft Room Tour {Furniture} 01/15/2012 By Brook 69 Comments I’m so excited to show you guys my craft room!  Or maybe I’ll call it my studio since that makes me sound cooler.  It is my favorite part of my entire house and my family spends lots of time in here making awesome stuff.  Which makes photographing this room REALLY hard since it’s always a huge mess.  Today I’m just going to talk about the furniture and I talk about organizing everything here and the stuff on the walls right here. [...]

  3. Love it! The whole room is so bright and happy. I too adore the idea of being surrounded by words that build you up. I'm still working on it over at my house, though. :)

    The self-portrait (and what your son says about it now), is awesome, btw!

  4. i personally love vol. 25 - here is the blog link (lots of free printables and downloadables)

    she also has an etsy shop where she sells her prints and overlays...

  5. [...] even hung up some new artwork that used to be in the craft room.  Now the bathroom is clean and [...]


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