Mod Podge fabric dresser {tutorial}

Monday / 20 comments
I debated back and forth whether or not to even do this project.  I was so afraid that I was going to "ruin" a perfectly good dresser by gluing a million fabric pieces to it!  So glad I won the argument with myself and went for it!

Mod Podge Fabric dresser

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Houndstooth curtains {no sew tutorial}

Wednesday / 3 comments
If you are a great seamstress than look away!  This tutorial is not for you.  This is for all my girlfriends that are always complaining that they can't sew curtains or fix the curtains they have for different houses.  Most people buy curtains once but if you are in a military family you get to move a lot and the windows are never the same size.

You can make curtains without sewing.  All you need is an iron, scissors and steam a seam.  I bought this Houndstooth for for about $7.50 a yard.  I got 6 yards so it cost me $45 for super cute curtains.

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Blue Desk {Skateboard room}

Monday / 5 comments
I wanted all the school aged kids to have a desk for the new school year.  I'm hoping that they will all go study quietly in their rooms every night, get straight A's and then scholarships!  A Mom can hope. B wanted his desk blue but told me he didn't want it that aqua color that I keep painting everything.  I have no idea what he could be referring to.


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Skateboard dresser {Spray paint}

Friday / 8 comments
Like my free dresser?  I picked this little gem off the curb for ZERO DOLLARS.  My favorite price.


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Skateboard shelves {how-to}

Wednesday / 15 comments
My 10 year old is totally obsessed with skateboards and has requested a whole skateboard themed bedroom.  But not a perfect one!  He told me hates how I paint everything until it's perfect.  Uh okay? So there will be no painting of all his authentically thrashed up stuff!

Skateboard shelves seemed like a good place to start.  Especially since we already had a few retired skateboards in the garage.

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Laundry room {Organizing ideas}

Monday / 7 comments
Today we're going on a little tour of my laundry room.  I love to see how real people deal with what can be one of the messiest rooms of the house.  Our laundry room is also our mud room and comes straight into the house from the garage.  The clean laundry goes in heaping baskets in my bedroom so I can fold it while I watch TV.


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Entryway tour {How to paint a plastic mirror}

Friday / 11 comments
Ready for an entryway tour?  We're going to start with the aqua mirror.  I see tons of plastic mirrors at the thrift store and they are an easy thing to paint.  Plus I think everyone should have a mirror in their entryway so you can make sure you don't have something in your teeth before you go rushing out the door.


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Entryway {Ruler box-tutorial}

Wednesday / 11 comments
I have a total addiction to containers.  Baskets, bins, little tins.  Love them.  Lately I've been obsessed with the little ruler box I saw on Layla's spring mantle.  Then I saw another super cute one that Diana from Vintage Home made and that just made my obsession worse.



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Houndstooth stool

Monday / 16 comments
Houndstooth Stool
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Do your chores!

Thursday / 15 comments
All this summer fun is starting to wear on me!  Somedays I feel like I spend my whole day making sure all the kids in the house have fun.  Wiping up popsicle drips and washing swimsuits and making about a million sandwiches!

I got fed up last week after one more dripping swimsuit was left on the floor and I was picking up popsicle wrappers from all over the yard.  So I got to making some chore charts and our house has been so much happier this week.  I think the kids needed some work to appreciate their fun!

My Mom always said that kids need to learn step by step how to clean you can't just say "Go clean your room!" and expect anything to happen.  So growing up we had these VERY detailed step by step charts on how to clean just about every room in the house.  I can still vividly remember that the bathroom one was red because I HATED to clean the bathroom.  I made myself some this week and did it in google docs so everyone can enjoy them (Just don't print and sell them!).  I printed them on card stock and laminated them with my laminator that I bought from Amazon for $25.

Click here to go to google docs and print your own house cleaning how to.

The charts look like this and I made them for the kitchen, bedrooms, garage, living room and bathrooms.  Lots of detail so the kids know exactly what to do and what is expected of them.


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The Star wars desk

Monday / 7 comments
The boys and I have been working on their rooms together.  My 5 year old wanted a Star Wars room.  Which worked out great because we already had the duvets that were purchased from PBkids a few years ago.   I think all little boys go through a Star Wars phase.

My Dad is a college professor and one of his big things when we were kids is that we all had a desk to study at.  I still remember going out with him and buying my first desk!  I don't know that it helped my study skills any but I do still like shopping.  I liked the idea and have been on the lookout the last few months to find all the boys their own desks.


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