Beachy Spring Mantel

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The mantle that my husband built a few months ago was looking a little lonely since I took down the easter decorations so I spent a few minutes this morning giving it a little spruce up.


I had a whole bag of seashells in the garage from when we lived in Okinawa, Japan.  I also found some rope in the scary garage and decided to make a little seashell garland.


I just used some small clothespins to attach the seashells.  I thought about hot glueing them but that would have taken TIME!  Cute little starfish from this place called Starfish beach.  I miss the warm beach.


Love the little seashell ball.  I have a bunch of the seashell balls but have left them packed because a certain toddler likes to throw them.  The little green glass thing is hand blown glass that we watched get made at the Okinawa glass factory.


Two more of the Okinawa glass balls.  The black sand is from Iwo Jima.  My husband went there in 2005 with the Marines for the 60th Anniversary of the battle of Iwo Jima.


The picture hanging from the mirror is one I took when we went to Cape Hedo.  Cape Hedo is at the northern part of Okinawa.  It's where the East China sea meets the Pacific Ocean.


Now I'm just wishing it was warm enough to go to the beach!  The best part is that the little mantle update was free!


 Hope you had a great Mother's day.  I slept in AND got breakfast in bed!


  1. I live on a lake and love your mantel idea. I also have shells upon shells and through the years have used them throughout my home. Great job!

  2. I love the shells attached with clothespins! It is really original and unique. Looks just great!!

  3. What a special, meaningful display you have! Lots of good ideas! :) ~Crystal

  4. Looks BEAUTIFUL! I'm all about the beachy theme here every year starting in about ... January! I get antsy and can't wait to go so create a beach feel all around me :) I LOVE your ideas and think I might be able to incorporate some of them into my own decor! Thanks for sharing :D

  5. I love the seashell garland! What a great idea. The mantel turned out so pretty.

  6. Very pretty. Makes me long for the beach!

  7. I decorate my mantel in a beachy theme in the summer too! This looks great.
    I have a linky party on my blog and I'd love for you to stop by.


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