Master bedroom spruce up...

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I just finished a little spruce up in our master bedroom.  The room was fine just really boring.



Before other side-Yawn.


After!  I painted the walls Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey.  It feels so calming.


I bought about 3 yards of the black/white Suzani from  I made a couple of pillows for the bed.  The frames were collage frames from Michael's.  I just took the collage mat out and put two pictures from favorite vacations in them.


Then used the rest to dress up the cheap Ikea drapes.  Drapery dress up from Isabella and Max Rooms.  I thought doing the whole drape in the Suzani print would be overwhelming and I wanted calm.


Love how it all turned out.  The duvet is the West Elm pintuck duvet.  I love how soft it is but it's a terrible duvet if you have kids.  When our two year old climbs onto the bed you can hear the stitches rip where the pintucks are because she kind of using the bedding for leverage to climb.  It's a beautiful duvet and I love the look but it's not very durable if your kids are going to use the bed for the perfect cartoon spot.


The little spruce up didn't cost very must either.

The bed is the Lillesand bed from Ikea.  We got rid of our box spring and just have it on one of those bunkie board things (like for bunk beds) because the box spring made the bed way too high and I'm only 4'10"  So if you want that bed keep in mind that it's pretty tall if you put a box spring with it.  It has slats so you could just set the mattress right on the slats.  But then I thought it was too low.  Don't you feel bad for my poor husband?  I was all "oh now it's too high, lets take that SUPER heavy mattress off again and try another way!".


  1. looks beautiful! love that black and white suzani print:)

  2. wow! I love it. I just did a post about white bedrooms. LOVE it.

    new follower!

  3. very nice I love the whole look, the curtains sure took on a very chic look. Job well done!

  4. It looks beautiful! I just want to go cuddle up in your bedroom in take a nap!

  5. Where is your actual bed frame from? The room looks great!

  6. Your master bedroom looks great! The color is so soothing and I really like what you did with the curtains. I've been browsing around your blog and I'd love to add a few of your rooms to my inspiration galleries and include you in a feature post. Let me know if you're interested!

  7. Hi, Brook! I'm admiring all your creative posts here so can you please share them with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)


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